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The Sage Environmental Program is changing away from the established pattern of competitive proposals twice yearly. In its place will be annual grants to the organizations that have been the most regular participants in the past.

This change takes effect at Round 2, November, 2015. It will be more efficient, avoiding the need to prepare and review proposals, some of which could not be funded despite being eligible.

Thanks go out to all of the committed organizations that have participated in the past. .


email (preferred method):
telephone: 902-497-4772

Sage Environmental Program
Attn: Graham Smith
450 Brookside Road
Brookside, NS, B3T 1T3

Specific Interests

The three primary areas of interest for the program are outlined below.

1. Protected Areas
In keeping with the aim to maintain healthy ecosystems throughout the province, the program will support efforts to protect, preserve and sustain ecosystems in areas with significant opportunities for conservation, with an
emphasis on relatively intact forests, wetlands, waterways, coastal and marine areas. Priority areas for this program include the existing areas protected under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act, public lands recognized as candidates to become protected, and wildlife corridors connecting such areas (on public or private lands).
Specific activities funded may include:

  • development and promotion of conservation planning and design
  • applied scientific research
  • participation in land use planning processes
  • community outreach and public awareness
  • collaboration among diverse groups working directly to foster conservation on the ground

2. Compromised Areas
The program may support activities that work to maintain biodiversity in areas of Nova Scotia that are already developed to varying degrees by industrial or residential interests. These lands and marine areas face a series of challenges to their ecological integrity.
The goal is to ensure the health of these areas and the species that depend on them by supporting efforts that enhance scientific understanding of biodiversity, endeavour to preserve and protect threatened habitats, and engage communities in activities that maintain and enhance ecosystem health.
Activities supported by the program in this area may include the following (preferably more than one):

  • stewardship programs
  • restoration and enhancement programs and policies
  • applied scientific research and mapping
  • public awareness

3. Emerging Issues:
Urban Growth and Development

The program will consider initiatives that respond to emerging issues which represent unique opportunities to protect and enhance the environment.

An example is the critical issue of managing urban growth and development in the Halifax area.
The program is interested in supporting efforts to create sustainable land use patterns, protect adjacent rural and natural landscapes, and promote infrastructure efficiencies.
Activities supported by the program in this area may include the following (preferably more than one):

  • sustainable land use planning
  • applied research
  • sustainable transportation initiatives
  • public awareness

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